A general interest association which fights in Europe for the protection of the environment around four activities:

1. Participatory and inclusive journalism

2. The depollution of cities through citizen mobilization

3. Prevention in educational and professional settings

4. Advocacy, influence and collaboration with elected officials


The ecological progress communnity 🌱




Paris & IDF


Saint Malo








Lyon ... and this is just the beginning!




1. We are a citizen media

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Strengthen participatory democracy by providing an information space around the ecological transition by taking:

✍️ the feather

The microphone

🎥 the camera

Everyone can write, interview and film on an environmental theme.





It's about getting information to prepare for setting in motion,

and promote access to information.

Posts are coming soon
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HEBDO ECOLO media and citizen blog


2. We clean up the environment, concretely

Number of events

+ 20

Cigarette butts picked up

Liters of water protected

Number of participants

+ 350 000

+ 150 millions

+ 500

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🙌 Promote citizen engagement around environmental protection.

Create links in a friendly, intercultural and intergenerational space.


> WEEKLY ECOLO is unity in diversity.

Citizen mobilizations led by local ambassadors invested in helping to save the world.

♻️ 100% of the butts "picked" are recycled into street furniture.


3. Ecological progress workshops

🗣 A child, a sensitized student is two committed parents.

> Workshop on ecological progress in educational settings

> Round table on ecological progress in business / CSR

> Webinar and conference

  • Eat responsibly

  • Preserving biodiversity

  • Impact of waste, selective sorting and recycling

  • Make zero waste

  • Citizen mobilization and cigarette butt picking


and many other ecological and fantastic topics ...

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4. Influence and collaboration

🤝 Support regions in their ecological transition.

> Neighborhood animation

> Citizen survey among residents

> Conference

> Installation of street furniture recycled from cigarette butts during citizen pick-ups

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