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HEBDO ECOLO offers you a collaborative e-weekly (citizen blog) for you, a citizen who wishes to understand the world by taking the pen, the microphone or simply by reading, by listening.

We are convinced that the involvement of citizens leads to awareness and that awareness leads to action.

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Les questions de la communauté

Rational consumption

Modes of transport during the holidays.

  • How to travel by train in Europe?

  • What energies do countries use for their trains?

Asked by Jade


Automotive spare parts.

  • Can we repair with occasion? It's easy ?

Asked by Jean-Baptiste


How to consume locally?
Interviewed by Mathieu V.


Any tips against food waste?

Asked by Manon


What are the ideas that go further in the ecological ascent?

On an individual, daily basis and beyond basic practices such as reusable products, bulk purchases, homemade products.

Asked by Audrey


How to rethink the trip?

  • Take into account the relationship to time and distance

  • Do we really have to travel so far?

Asked by Lucile



What is the impact of mass tourism on the environment?

Asked by Lucile


What is the impact of fast fashion?

  • Pollution

  • Exploited workers

Asked by Lucile


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