Environmental education

Depollution through Sensibilis'action and Educ'action.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

We bring together all social circles , all ages by relying on concrete, preventive and educational actions.

In France, Germany and Spain.

With a global approach since we reconcile actions on social networks, the citizen blog, in the field during our intergenerational events and with the educational and professional environment.

Our fields of action

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Education of students for sustainable development

6. eau propre et assainissement.png

Reduction and prevention of water pollution

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Reduction of illnesses from hazardous chemicals, pollution and contamination of air, water and soil

8. travail décent et croissance économ

Contribution to the circular economy

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Protection of terrestrial ecosystems

réducation des déchets grâce au recyc

Waste reduction through recycling

11. villes et communautés durables.png

Reducing the negative impact of cities on the environment

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Reduction of marine pollution resulting from waste

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1. Clean up and collect to recycle 1 million cigarette butts across Europe


A cigarette butt pollutes up to 500 liters of water , these actions will protect around 500 million liters of water . Today, scientists estimate that there are 500 times more microplastics in the ocean than there are stars in the galaxy. By their composition, filters (cellulose acetate) play a major role in plastic pollution of the oceans and also accelerate the pollution of groundwater.

The unsanitary water , the leading cause of death unrelated to age, 3.6 million deaths per year (WHO).

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1.1 Raise awareness and stimulate a dynamic of recycling cigarette butts among French citizens and public authorities


We offer sorting and recycling initiatives by forging a partnership with local authorities who can thus relay these solutions to citizens and traders.


In the medium term, reduce the costs of municipal waste management by raising awareness among citizens. Ecological objective of reducing waste found on the ground on the one hand and reducing waste to be incinerated or landfilled on the other.


At the same time, we are committed to the implementation of the circular economy law and the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).


All the citizens of the territory are beneficiaries of this project.